High Performance Landscapes
PROFILE High Performance Landscapes live at the intersection where landscape architecture, urban design and the environment meet culture. We think, plan, and design with the human condition in mind, creating spaces for living that are sustainable, beautiful and cost-effective. 
WHY The world is changing. For the first time in human history, sprawling development patterns, dwindling budgets and the need for water conservation have laid a new kind of groundwork to rethink the whole world, built and natural, as one continuous landscape.
HOW High Performance Landscapes describes our thinking about problems and projects. Performance driven design is produced through the unexpected connections we make that realize spaces for living.
WHAT The 220-acre Sprint World Headquarters Campus has never had to buy one gallon of water for landscape irrigation preserving over $4 million. The first two housing blocks of Vitruvian Park, a 110-acre mixed use enclave were amenitized as resort hotels and are fully leased since opening in 2010. Repurposing a residential street as a continuous biofilter overturned decades of environmental abuse for the Dallas Urban Reserve.